32 Terabytes of Windows 10 internal builds, source code, leaked online

Some 32TB of installation images, software blueprints that compressed down to 8TB were uploaded to betaarchive.com.  IT is believed that the data had been infiltrated from Microsoft’s in-house system since around March.

The leaked source code is Microsoft’s Shared Source Kit, inside it supposedly contains the source to the base Windows 10 hardware drivers as well as Redmond’s PnP source code, its USB and Wi-Fi stacks, storage drivers, and ARM-specific OneCore kernel code.

With this information, security vulnerabilities can be scoured which may lead to exploits discovered resulting in hacks against Windows systems worldwide.  The code runs at the root of the operating system, even at the most trusted of levels.

In addition to the leak, hundreds of top-secret builds of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, many of which were never released publicly, were released with this leak along with copies of officially released versions.  Confidential Windows team-only internal builds were created by Microsoft engineers for bug-hunting and testing purposes, which also included private debugging symbols that, normally, are removed for public release.

No one from Microsoft has spoken on the issue as of the posting of this article.