Windows 10 Reset Passwords From Lock Screen

Windows 10 Allows You To Reset Passwords From Lock Screen

Windows 10 users will be able to reset their account passwords from the lock screen as Microsoft tests a new feature that will enable password recovery with Cortana providing assistance.

The New Password Recovery Option

The new password recovery option will be available in the latest preview build of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.  It will be displayed alongside the sign-in options link.

The feature was developed to be very intuitive, once users click the option that reads, “I forgot my password,” a wizard will guide users through the entire password recovery process.  Cortana will ask for password recovery information that will include your phone number, a secondary email, or a Microsoft Authenticator Verification code.  Once the information is provided, Microsoft will audit the information and when determined you are the owner of the profile, you will be able to choose a new password.