Fixing Windows 10 After Automatic Repair Fails

Fixing Windows 10 After Automatic Repair Fails Solution 2

One of the most frustrating problems with Windows 10 is the automatic repair services, it’s a handy tool that doesn’t always fix your problems.  When you load up your computer, some may come across the dreadful message “Windows 10 Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC.”  There is hope, without the need to reformat your operating system.  The solution may be strange to some but for many, it is what will solve your problems.

Fixing Windows 10 After Automatic Repair could not repair your PC

Something as simple as a bad driver can be the cause of the problem when experiencing the message “Windows 10 Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC.”  Perform the following steps if the first solution to Fixing Windows 10 After Automatic Repair Failed:

  • Restart your computer a few times until the Boot Options menu is displayed.
  • Selected the Troubleshoot option followed by Advanced Options and then Startup Settings
  • Click on the Restart button to restart your computer.
  • Your computer should now provide a list of options, select the option that states Enable Safe Mode with Networking.

Now, your computer will be in Safe Mode.

  • When Safe Mode begins, download the updated version of the problematic driver.
  • You can download the most recent version of the driver from the manufacturer’s website and save it to your USB Flash Drive.
  • Press Windows Key + X and selected Command Prompt (Admin) from the command list.

  • When Command Prompt starts, enter the following and press your Enter Key to run the command.
  • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

  • The process may take 15 or more minutes to complete, do not interrupt the process.  Please be patient as this is a critical step to restoring your computer.

When the process is complete, restart your computer.

  • When Windows 10 starts, install the driver you’ve downloaded and the issue should be resolved.

This solution is a tricky because you must know which driver is causing the problem.  If the problem with Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop continues, there are a few more solutions to solving this problem.