Tech Firm Detects Major Android Based Botnet

Google has recently deleted around 300 applications from the official Play Store which were used to create one of the first Android Botnets.  Known by the name of WireX, it included over 100,000 IP address spanning across 100 different countries.

The first hints of WireX’s existence dates back to August 2, 2017 but drew major attention to its existence after the August 17th attacks.

Google Detects Major Android Based Botnet

According the a report published by researchers, the apps were available in the form of storage managers, audio/video players, etc.  The task of the apps were integrate Android devices into becoming part of the WireX.  Unsuspecting users would have the app installed on their device while it worked in the background and used system resources.

Wirex was capable of sending HTTP junk traffic which is capable of a rate up to 20,000 requests per second to a target site.  Although it is not considered large in terms of standard DDOS attacks, it could affect search engines.